A ramblin’ (wo)man

Yet another old post I'm just cataloging. This one is about a 10k road race held in Augusta every year. It's a GREAT race with a relatively flat course. Very enjoyable. Much like this blog. Right? RIGHT?! 😉 Well, runners, the Broad Street Ramble has come and gone. How did everyone do? My time was not quite what I wanted it to be, but acceptable considering the circumstances. However, I did beat my Read the entire post [...]

Secret running spot: The North Augusta Greeneway

Alas, another post from this blog's past life. But this is a trend I want to continue. I love finding new running spots. It's...addicting! So when I lived in Augusta, I was constantly on the search, and I found the North Augusta Greeneway. It's a perfect, paved greenway that stretches for miles and miles, but the best part is that it runs by the Savannah River. Ahhhhhhh relaxation. Check out the details! It’s Read the entire post [...]

Dare to bare? Barefoot running is the latest fad.

This is an old blog I posted on The Good Foot when I was with my last job. It got a lot of great response, so I figured I'd throw it up on her for archive purposes if not anything else. And, as always, feel free to comment with your two cents! If you read my last post, you understand how important shoes are to the sport. So, you may be surprised to hear that many people don’t believe in running Read the entire post [...]

Shoe-t! Get you some good running shoes.

Just as you wouldn’t put insufficient tires on your car, you shouldn’t make light of what goes on your feet when you run, much less participate in any type of physical activity. Too often, runners/walkers just want to get the job done -- burn those calories and mark it off the calendar -- and are not so concerned with the supporting details. Trust me, taking time to prepare yourself properly will Read the entire post [...]