Bend me, shape me

Amidst all of my shin splint troubles lately, I've really reconsidered my stretching routine pre- and post-run. I know for sure that I don't do enough of it post-run, and I've always wavered on the amount I should do pre-run, having heard "do it" and "don't it" from so many different sources. I usually do some mild, quick warm-up stretches and then a full-out stretch sesh after running. What Read the entire post [...]

Who doesn’t love race photos?

Honestly. Who doesn't love a good mid-race action shot? The sweating. The look of pain and/or triumph. The memories. The feeling of pride. The energy. The crowd. The runner. The running. A race photo always evokes an emotion for me -- even if it's of someone else. I recently saw a race photo that I fell in love with. It was from a sort of Interior Design blog, and was being used as an example of Read the entire post [...]

New new shoes!

I'm going to have to start calling this my Mizuno running blog, because that seems to be all I'm blogging about lately. BUT that only reflects how my running chi has been affected lately by my shoe choice. If you read my last post, you know the severity of my pronation issues. Well...Mizuno actually agreed to trade my shoes out. Luck or just a valid issue? You decide. Honestly, it was a $100 purchase Read the entire post [...]