Avoiding a winter running hiatus

It's not cold yet, but it will definitely get cold. Or whatever my southern version of "cold" is. Typically, I take this time of year to rest and rejuvinate, ready to emerge during the new year with new goals and new plans in mind. Not this year. This year, there's no running/exercise hiatus for me. I'm going to stick it out in the cold. That's the plan, anyway. I'm well-equipped with heat gear, Read the entire post [...]

Product review: Sweat Gutter

Don't sweat your sweat. I searched for a sweat-dripping solution for a while, and the search ended when I found the Sweat Gutter. It's a simple concept: an elastic band that goes around your head at about mid-forehead and catches sweat before it drips any further. I don't know about you guys, but I tend to sweat buckets when I run distance. It's not pretty. Nor is it fun. There's nothing like Read the entire post [...]