I’ll Be Glad When The Boston Marathon is About Running Again

I'm worried about one thing when it comes to this year's running of the Boston Marathon. It's not safety. I know that Boston will have that place on lock down. It's not the bystandards. Anyone stupid enough to attempt anything this year deserves what's coming to them. And it's definitely not the weather. It's glorification. Sensationalism. Headlines and bylines that drive clicks that drive Read the entire post [...]

Check out the Chick-fil-A Half Marathon

While we haven't had the opportunity to run our first half yet, we're always super excited and willing to tell you guys about them when we see a good one. This weekend is the inaugural Chick-fil-A Half Marathon in Athens, Georgia. Saturday, April 5th, runners, joggers, and walkers alike will grace the streets of the Classic City to show their support for Athens Habitat for Humanity. Not a runner Read the entire post [...]