Guest post: Is it a Diet or a Lifestyle?

(This is a post by our friend, Anthony Chestnut, over at The Corporate Thong, a blog about women in the workplace. He weighs in on his experience with a new style of eating...or is it living?) So the book says lifestyle but I’m thinking I’m on a diet. Let’s face it diet by virtue of definition means lifestyle or according to one’s manner of living. With this in mind, some friends and I have Read the entire post [...]

Our first giveaway of 2014. And, well, ever.

Hello, giveaway! We here at The Good Foot Blog are super excited to announce our first ever giveaway. To show our gratitude to all of our readers and fellow bloggers for the blog love they've shown us over the past few years -- and to help keep everyone in the running/active community motivated -- we are announcing our first giveaway of a Fitbit Ultra. Also...we just have this awesome Fitbit Read the entire post [...]

Why the Boston Marathon Bombing was not about running

Charity runs. Remembrance runs. T-shirts. Giving. Praying. Awareness. The running community has done a lot since the Boston Marathon Bombings in April. But I'm not 100% sure that the bombings should be about running. Or the runners. As we know, no Boston Marathon runners were killed in the bombings. I'm not sure if any were injured critically or experienced life-threatening or -changing Read the entire post [...]

This is it! The 2013 Peachtree Road Race is here!

All right, racers. The 2013 Peachtree Road Race is among us! Is everyone ready?! Got your bibs? Safety pins? Electronics charged? Socks washed? Lucky headbands washed? MARTA fare? Favorite playlist updated? In just a few hours, we'll be gazing gladly upon this lovely scene. Good luck to you all. Happy Fourth of July. And may god bless America! Read the entire post [...]

3 Food Superstitions The Week of the Peachtree Road Race

The more I thought about writing this post, the more I've realized that I am way more superstitious that I'd like to admit to. Especially when it comes to sports. Reflecting on my actions this week, I can definitely say that I have three major superstitions specifically regarding food the week of the Peachtree Road Race. This being my 9th Peachtree, I think I've just started to do these things. Read the entire post [...]

The Peachtree Road Race, transportation & you

The Peachtree Road Race is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing for me (other than training)...planning and logistics! Such a large, long run in such a large city does not mean that you can just drive down and park like any other small-town 5/10K you've run before. Also, the fact that The Peachtree Road Race is not a loop means that you will need to have a plan. This post is Read the entire post [...]

Reviewing Your 2013 Peachtree Road Race T-shirt Options

Ah the Peachtree Road Race t-shirt. A time-honored tradition. Earned and worn by many. Discarded by some. I'm not sure WHO those people might be. But I'm sure they exist. I've heard some runners say that they do it for the t-shirt. To me, it's not the only reason to run the Peachtree, but Without further adieu, here are the t-shirt candidates for 2013, and my commentary on their designs. Read the entire post [...]

What else can you use your running shoes for?

I'll make this one easy: nothing. Knowing how to care for, and when to replace, your running shoes are often details looked over in the larger running ecosystem of trails, and partners, and weather, and apparel. I've made the mistake myself. We all have at one point or another. No one wakes up one morning and is the perfect runner. You run and you learn. Let me help you by saying that you Read the entire post [...]

3 reasons to be excited for 2013’s Peachtree Road Race registration

The Peachtree Road Race is by far my favorite run of the year. But not because the course is challenging, or it's warm, or the t-shirt. (All of which are still things I love, by the way) It's my favorite run because of everything else. The things they don't talk during news coverage. Because it brings the city together. It's Americana in true form. And, much more importantly, it's something I've Read the entire post [...]

Get high on running

I was asked recently if there was really such thing as a runner's high. You know -- that euphoric feeling that runners supposedly can get that makes them want to run forever and ever amen. Short answer: Yes; there is such a thing. Long answer: Achieving it depends on what you're doing. Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter "E." As in endorphins. As in the things that induce Read the entire post [...]