Back in the running shoes again

So I'm running my third 10k in 2012 tomorrow at the  Big Peach Sizzler! Have I been training? Yesss....Has it been as extensive/tough as it should be? No. But I'm ready. Obviously the Peachtree was great this year, and same goes for the Possum Trot. And I realized that when you train, you are training as much mentally as you are physically. And I think that doing other races throughout the year helps Read the entire post [...]

Yeah; the new Nike Running commercial is cute

I'm sure you've seen it. It's the one where the couple promises each other they'll run and meet in the middle. Then, the incredibly-out-of-his-league guy is incredibly weak and lame and miserably fails and the girl ends up running CROSS COUNTRY to see her love, even devouring an ice cream cone along the way. Women runners ftw. I mean, after all, our endurance and tolerance for pain is much higher Read the entire post [...]

Pinterest can be useful for runners, too!

Pinterest (or Pin Interest  or P-Interest as some people call it) is awesome for oh-so many reasons. (For those of you who aren't as familiar with Pinterest, it's basically an eye candy/inspiration/sharing tool. You have the ability to "pin" things to your inspiration boards, organize by categories, and share with those who follow your pinnings. It's an awesome tool and has caught on like wildfire Read the entire post [...]

Finding a decent pair of sunglasses for running

My eyes! My eyes! Ok - that was a bit dramatic, but there's no doubt that running outdoors requires a seriously trustworthy pair of shades. Sunglasses, I came to learn unfortunately late, can mean the difference between a pounding squinting-induced headache and a nice, smooth sunny run. When I began running longer distances outdoors, I was skeptic of wearing sunglasses. I thought they'd simply Read the entire post [...]

Georgia marathon runner reaches a milestone

Around the country in 50 marathons. 1,300 miles. That's what one Georgia runner set out to do before the age of 50: run 50 marathons -- 1 in each state -- before reaching 50. And she did. Clemson, S.C. native and Georgia resident Monica Huff stomped on her goal's face and squished it. According to this story in the Athens Banner-Herald, she ran her first marathon in 1999, and her second marathon Read the entire post [...]

Avoiding a winter running hiatus

It's not cold yet, but it will definitely get cold. Or whatever my southern version of "cold" is. Typically, I take this time of year to rest and rejuvinate, ready to emerge during the new year with new goals and new plans in mind. Not this year. This year, there's no running/exercise hiatus for me. I'm going to stick it out in the cold. That's the plan, anyway. I'm well-equipped with heat gear, Read the entire post [...]

Washed-out warrior

So I just decided to pull some of my warrior dash pictures. Hilarious. My favorite....   Mudtastic. I think at this point, I had a rasberry on my ass/thigh the size of a frisbee; my shins were screaming; my right bicep felt like it had been ripped in half; and I had mud in place you aren't supposed to have mud. I can't wait until next year! How did your WD pics turn out? Read the entire post [...]

Shooting at the walls of muscle ache…I am the warrior.

So, Warrior Dash 2011 is officially over. And it was a total success. Everyone walked away safe and sound. That's not to say, though, that a few of us (ok, only me) weren't a tad bruised, scratched, and scrapped. I only have one thing to say: owwwweeee. I haven't had bruises like this on my legs since playing soccer as a teenager. Not to mention the raspberry that spans from my back thigh to my Read the entire post [...]

Running wild – what’s your running style?

Some of the best running advice I've ever gotten pertained to running "style." Specifically form. "Simply do what feels natural," said the guru. There is no right or wrong with where to hold your arms or how long to stride. Certainly, like most other things, there are fundamentals, such as not rolling your feet in or out, or not leaning back too far or not dragging your feet. But as far as "form" Read the entire post [...]

I think I’m going to do a poll

Out of pure curiosity, tell me what brand of shoe you choose to wear when you run. Leave a comment if your favorite is not listed, please.