Atlanta’s Thanksgiving Half makes national ‘Top 50’

If you've ever run the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving, congrats! Not only have you completed a half, but you've also run one of the best half marathons in America according to Daily Burn. Atlanta's Half has been named in the list of The Daily Burn's Top 50 Half Marathons in The U.S. I personally have never had the pleasure of competing a half marathon, much less the prestigious Atlanta Read the entire post [...]

Get high on running

I was asked recently if there was really such thing as a runner's high. You know -- that euphoric feeling that runners supposedly can get that makes them want to run forever and ever amen. Short answer: Yes; there is such a thing. Long answer: Achieving it depends on what you're doing. Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter "E." As in endorphins. As in the things that induce Read the entire post [...]

Use Forrest Gump as running inspiration

"And I was RUN-NING!" How cliche is that? Starting a blog post with a Forrest Gump quote? What have I been reduced to? Forrest Gump had a lot of great qualities. He was fun-loving, smart, affectionate, motivated, and, best of all, a runner. I think runners have to be inspired by other people who like running. Fictional character or not, we can all draw inspiration from Forrest, who seemed to Read the entire post [...]

Pinterest can be useful for runners, too!

Pinterest (or Pin Interest  or P-Interest as some people call it) is awesome for oh-so many reasons. (For those of you who aren't as familiar with Pinterest, it's basically an eye candy/inspiration/sharing tool. You have the ability to "pin" things to your inspiration boards, organize by categories, and share with those who follow your pinnings. It's an awesome tool and has caught on like wildfire Read the entire post [...]

Happy blogging anniversary to me!

It's The Good Foot's two-year anniversary! This time two years ago, I proposed the idea of a localized running blog to my Online Editor while working at The August Chronicle and voila! here we are. With a career move in between and resulting sporadic publishing, we've come a long way. I thought this would be the perfect time to feature a couple of our favorite posts from blogging past. Do Read the entire post [...]

Georgia marathon runner reaches a milestone

Around the country in 50 marathons. 1,300 miles. That's what one Georgia runner set out to do before the age of 50: run 50 marathons -- 1 in each state -- before reaching 50. And she did. Clemson, S.C. native and Georgia resident Monica Huff stomped on her goal's face and squished it. According to this story in the Athens Banner-Herald, she ran her first marathon in 1999, and her second marathon Read the entire post [...]

Road Runners — Boston to Austin

I am so ashamed to say that I haven't blogged (here) in what feels like forever. Despicable. But this was just something I couldn't not share with y'all. Google "Boston to Austin" and you'll get a flight suggestion from Expedia. Scroll down a bit and you'll find the site for "Boston to Austin -- Hit the Road Running (2,000-mile run)." Click on it and you'll find a story of three young chaps -- one Read the entire post [...]