I got the Peachtree Road Race rejection blues

Hey, Peachtree Road Race corporate folks, want to know how to suck the excitement RIGHT out of the 2012 race for me? Yep. You got it. Deny my racing partner, aka boyfriend, of a number. He entered at the same time I did - submitted a legit time for possible seeding, requested a mail-out number - did everything exactly the way I did. And got denied. Remember that post I used to gush on about Read the entire post [...]

Peachtree Road Race — the heart of the matter

I was a bit shocked to hear my sister describe a scene she walked past a week and a half ago in the Peachtree Road Race: a man lying on the ground, receiving CPR, a crowd gathered around him, and EMTs preparing a defibrillator to be placed on his chest. "Yikes. That sounds pretty scary," I said, half-way blowing off what I thought could perhaps be an overdramatization. And then I saw 11Alive's Read the entire post [...]

A new Peachtree Road Race training method

By this time tomorrow, I will have completed my 7th Peachtree Road Race. I will have also hopefully showered, napped, and be preparing for a long day of celebrating our nation's independence! Aside from that, I've got a number of emotions running through me today -- anxiety being one of them. I'm still getting over the virus I caught at the beach. A sore throat, slight cough, and congestion still Read the entire post [...]

I run so I can eat dessert

That title is inspired by a Waffle House running team t-shirt I saw during a Peachtree RR. "I run so I can eat Waffle House." Awesome and totally true. Dessert is my ying and running is my yang. Who says you shouldn't combine the things you love? Sometimes, yes, I do the dessert thing more than the running thing, (why is it never the other way around?) and that's bad, but I always have the yang as Read the entire post [...]

Putting the ‘pro’ in pronation

Anterior shin splints: when the foot is pronated (the foot rolls outward at the ankle and you walk more on its inner aspect), the Tibialis Anterior Muscle twists within its sheath. This twisting of the muscle within its sheath can cause tiny tears in the muscle, or the muscle rubs abnormally against its sheath, and produces inflammation and pain. Holy mother is it painful! I blogged about this little Read the entire post [...]

Anterior Shin Splints?!

So, as you know, I've been training in new shoes lately. Doing anywhere from 2-6 miles on any given day. In the past few weeks, I've really amped up my training schedule, running  5 days a week. In doing so, I've developed some hard core pain in the inside of my shins. It doesn't feel like muscle pain that you have and then you start running and it warms up and goes away. No. This is serious pain, Read the entire post [...]