Product review: Sweat Gutter

Don't sweat your sweat. I searched for a sweat-dripping solution for a while, and the search ended when I found the Sweat Gutter. It's a simple concept: an elastic band that goes around your head at about mid-forehead and catches sweat before it drips any further. I don't know about you guys, but I tend to sweat buckets when I run distance. It's not pretty. Nor is it fun. There's nothing like Read the entire post [...]

Product review: Timex iControl

I thought I'd change things up from my usual ramblings about whatever and start reviewing some of my favorite and not-so-favorite products. (That's not to say this won't turn into a rambling, but at least you may find some value in it.) My family knows me as the "ultimate consumer" when they're not using my real name. I definitely enjoy trying out new running products, finding ways to make life a little Read the entire post [...]

Will run for photo

If you've read any part of my blog before, you know how much I love race photos. Seriously. I love them. So you can only imagine how disappointed I was when I realized that MarathonFoto found no pictures of me this year. 7 years I've been running this race, and it usually yields 3-6 pictures that my family shares with each other, laughs about, and even has purchased in the past. Not this year. Read the entire post [...]

I’m a sole-ful runner

One thing that I've always loved about running is that it's an individual sport. You hear of running teams/groups, etc. But running is probably one of the only sports that allows you to compete both individually and/or as a team. Now, I don't want this statement to come off as sounding arrogant or snobby, but running is really great because you don't have to rely on anyone else to help you to do Read the entire post [...]

Bend me, shape me

Amidst all of my shin splint troubles lately, I've really reconsidered my stretching routine pre- and post-run. I know for sure that I don't do enough of it post-run, and I've always wavered on the amount I should do pre-run, having heard "do it" and "don't it" from so many different sources. I usually do some mild, quick warm-up stretches and then a full-out stretch sesh after running. What Read the entire post [...]

Runners, I need your help!

Okay, well you don't have to be a runner to help. Just someone who sweats. And I think that includes most of us. I'll be running the Peachtree Road Race in about 3 days, and I need to find a good accessory. One that will keep sweat from flowing down my forehead and into my eyes as I sweat profusely in the Georgia sun. My logic so far: Hat -- I own a handful of actual baseball caps, most of which Read the entire post [...]

Is a musicless marathon fun?

And the beat goes on…or perhaps not. A recent marathon runner’s title was revoked for violating a new marathon rule: no electronics. Jennifer Goebel, 27, was handed the first-place spot after the official winner of the marathon, 23-year-old Cassie Peller, was disqualified for accepting water from a spectator during the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee. Apparently the rule was put in place for Read the entire post [...]

A ramblin’ (wo)man

Yet another old post I'm just cataloging. This one is about a 10k road race held in Augusta every year. It's a GREAT race with a relatively flat course. Very enjoyable. Much like this blog. Right? RIGHT?! 😉 Well, runners, the Broad Street Ramble has come and gone. How did everyone do? My time was not quite what I wanted it to be, but acceptable considering the circumstances. However, I did beat my Read the entire post [...]

Dare to bare? Barefoot running is the latest fad.

This is an old blog I posted on The Good Foot when I was with my last job. It got a lot of great response, so I figured I'd throw it up on her for archive purposes if not anything else. And, as always, feel free to comment with your two cents! If you read my last post, you understand how important shoes are to the sport. So, you may be surprised to hear that many people don’t believe in running Read the entire post [...]

Get up on The Good Foot

Welcome to my running blog! I'm a 20-something from Georgia with a passion for running and writing, so I figured what better way to combine the two than with a running blog?! I started The Good Foot when I worked at my first job as an online producer with a newspaper in Augusta (hence the James Brown reference :). I'll be filling this blog up with a few posts from that, so look out for those! I'll Read the entire post [...]