Photogenic runner?

So the Peachtree Road Race is over. It went off with a hitch! I thought the time groups went well. What did you think? So everyone should have gotten their photos today. I love this part. It allows me to critique my run, and my capabilities to be a photogenic runner, which I am so NOT. Yuck. But to see how my foot is turned...yikes! Hopefully it was a result of me just slow down and that's not how Read the entire post [...]

Secret running spot: The North Augusta Greeneway

Alas, another post from this blog's past life. But this is a trend I want to continue. I love finding new running spots. It's...addicting! So when I lived in Augusta, I was constantly on the search, and I found the North Augusta Greeneway. It's a perfect, paved greenway that stretches for miles and miles, but the best part is that it runs by the Savannah River. Ahhhhhhh relaxation. Check out the details! It’s Read the entire post [...]