Georgia marathon runner reaches a milestone

Around the country in 50 marathons. 1,300 miles. That’s what one Georgia runner set out to do before the age of 50: run 50 marathons — 1 in each state — before reaching 50. And she did. Clemson, S.C. native and Georgia resident Monica Huff stomped on her goal’s face and squished it.

According to this story in the Athens Banner-Herald, she ran her first marathon in 1999, and her second marathon four years later in 2003. Sunday night, 12 years after her first marathon, she wrapped up the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon at the age of 41, marking her 50th marathon and her 50th state.

As the ABH says, she ran 2 with-child and would sometimes run 7-10 marathons in one year. What a trooper! Monica truly is an inspiration to runners, and people wanting to set and attain goals in general. She is a testament to not giving up, as I’m sure there were many, many instances that she was tired or felt overwhelmed but kept going.

She clocked her lowest time at the Leading Ladies Marathon in South Dakota in August of 2010: 3:16:04. (That’s about an 8-minute mile average….AVERAGE. For 26 miles straight.) 

I started wondering why this story wasn’t getting more attention, and it appears that this is a big trend in marathon running. I guess after you complete one, you feel like you can do anything. Check out 50 State Marathon Club and a gentleman in Chattanooga doing the same thing.

Nonetheless, I must say to Monica that the state of Georgia, as well as women runners everywhere, are very proud of you and happy that you finished your goal healthily! Thank you for the inspiration. Now get some rest, won’tcha!?

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