Pinterest can be useful for runners, too!

Pinterest (or Pin Interest  or P-Interest as some people call it) is awesome for oh-so many reasons. (For those of you who aren’t as familiar with Pinterest, it’s basically an eye candy/inspiration/sharing tool. You have the ability to “pin” things to your inspiration boards, organize by categories, and share with those who follow your pinnings. It’s an awesome tool and has caught on like wildfire as of late.)

Recently, I discovered that it can be used for so much more than recipes and wedding detail ideas. I guess you could say I realized its full potential when it comes to involving it in other facets of my life, including running. Or any type of exercise or hobby for that matter. (And boy does this tickle the social media professional in me!)

I don’t know how you fellow pinners like do it, but when I’m on Pinterest, I’m usually just checking out what my friends are pinning, re-pinning their ideas and sometimes what’s in the specific pre-defined categories, and reading comments on pins. But I think Pinterest’s real strengths, similar to Twitter, lie is in its search capability.

I love this creative engagement pic for runners pinned by Jaci Smith.

Check this out: I searched “running” in the upper left corner, for example, and I get to see everything people have pined and categorized “running” or have hashtagged “running.” It could be a number of terms, though like “running shoes,” “running stretches,” (a much less-popular one) or something like “homemade sports drinks.” So yeah you get the point.

I also really love the inspiration it can provide any runner in a rut. By searching and/or following other running pinners,  you’ll see some pretty cool stuff. A lot of people will create their own running pin boards and pin some creative ideas. Anything from posters of quotes, diagrams, cartoons, to simply pictures of what they want to look like. One of my favorite pins was a quote that said something to the effect of “it’s not about having time; it’s about making time.” So true! Plus, you can always upload and share you own favorite images or links for other people to start pinning. After all, sharing is caring! 🙂

You can use Pinterest for a lot!

  1. Inspiration and motivation
  2. Sharing ideas with your runner friends
  3. Making new running friends
  4. Getting crafty
  5. Organizing ideas/wishes
  6. Getting/sharing tips

Do you have a running + Pinterest = love story? Share it in a comment! Need a Pinterest invite? Let me know, too; I’ve got plenty!


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