Running wild – what’s your running style?

Some of the best running advice I’ve ever gotten pertained to running “style.” Specifically form.

“Simply do what feels natural,” said the guru. There is no right or wrong with where to hold your arms or how long to stride. Certainly, like most other things, there are fundamentals, such as not rolling your feet in or out, or not leaning back too far or not dragging your feet. But as far as “form” goes, do what feels natural. We tend to complicate things when we over-think them. Ever tried to think about walking while you’re doing it? Does the phrase overly-aware come to mind?

Over the years I’ve seen some pretty unique forms. I’ve seen a few who run with their arms loosely hanging down by their sides; some with their arms closer to being wrapped around their chest, palms up, as if to punch their own face every pump; and some runners who seem to be enthralled in a military drill while exercising — blade hands and all.

Me, I try to be as natural as possible with “L” shape arms and a slight forward lean. But I did notice last week that I tend to do this Rocky-inspired punch with my right arm when I’m really trying to get through a final lap.

Running never counts for style points. As long as you’re doing it, you’re succeeding. Even Phoebe knows this.

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What’s your running form like? What makes it unique?

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