Yeah; the new Nike Running commercial is cute

I’m sure you’ve seen it.

It’s the one where the couple promises each other they’ll run and meet in the middle. Then, the incredibly-out-of-his-league guy is incredibly weak and lame and miserably fails and the girl ends up running CROSS COUNTRY to see her love, even devouring an ice cream cone along the way. Women runners ftw. I mean, after all, our endurance and tolerance for pain is much higher than a man’s thanks to our ability to birth other humans. So why not use that for the greater good of running?

(And how can I not use this opportunity for an impromptu shout out to Pat Summitt?! What a lady. Total inspiration to athletes of all genders and all sports. I’m looking forward to what, on campus, they decide to name after her legacy.)

Back to the video.

I love that it shows that yes, couples can have fun participating in a running exercise together. Encouragement. Compassion. Competition. All healthy and all good. Way to go, Nike. Very nice commercial.

For me, the song got stuck in my head before the concept did, but it’s still incredibly cute. Check it out the full version here.

YouTube Preview Image

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