Guest post: Is it a Diet or a Lifestyle?

(This is a post by our friend, Anthony Chestnut, over at The Corporate Thong, a blog about women in the workplace. He weighs in on his experience with a new style of eating…or is it living?)

So the book says lifestyle but I’m thinking I’m on a diet. Let’s face it diet by virtue of definition means lifestyle or according to one’s manner of living. With this in mind, some friends and I have embarked on a new lifestyle. Not an alternate lifestyle, (although it’s extreme enough to be considered so) but rather a new way of looking at food. You could call it a change in perspective and eating accordingly. I actually endorse the method which is called whole 30. This is modeled after the whole9 community mantra and books andwhole9 logo blah blah. The principle is what is important and I agree wholeheartedly. Get it? Under the auspices of Whole9 we aren’t to consume anything that we can’t trace perse’. I’m dumbing it down because I didn’t read the book, but you can get it at What I mean by trace is if it didn’t have parents like cows, pigs, chickens, salmon, then you shouldn’t eat it. If it didn’t grow and or you don’t know where it came from then you shouldn’t eat it. They stress that we should take more interest in what we eat rather than just what we eat. (I like that play on words)

In accordance with this and the birth of my son, shout out to Sebastian, whom I would never allow to stuff said cute face with junk food; we are endeavoring to monitor what we eat. The first thirty days (whole 30) is a detox. This is the part that I really agree with. It is extreme to me being an omnivorous consumer of all things edible, but necessary to gain awareness of oneself physically not psychologically. For instance, I, have a slight erruummm bodily disagreement with whole milk. I could have said lactose intolerance but that’s not really what I believe it to be because up until recently I could kill a gallon by myself in a week no cereal. Chocolate milk ftw!!! Wash that down with a nice lean porterhouse steak with a side of broccoli and call it a night. Xbox anyone? But trying to figure out what causes the reaction to milk or stops me from being able to lose weight or not be able to sleep, is what this detox is good for. If you break out slightly when you eat certain things then removing them from your lifestyle/diet is common sense unless you like little bumps that itch. Boooo.

Two weeks in and I’ve discovered what really matters in life… Pizza. I miss it more than anything else. In particular New York Chicago any style bread with sauce meat and cheese please yes. I’ve also discovered that the cravings for it slip away. I didn’t say GO away because they don’t leave when ordered to they just fade like the memories of a past love (unless you drive by their house everyday on the way to work hoping to catch a whiff of their perfume (see pizza smell)), in which case you then become a pizza stalker. That’s not bad except for we are trying to say goodbye. Point is that as with any habit, change comes only though the consistent repetition and practice of said change that you are trying to exhibit. That starts in the mind. An example if this is how I can now spot sugar in an item from an isle away and just avoid the isle altogether. This is because over the last two weeks I’ve been reading ingredient labels like Facebook updates. This aids greatly in the fight between six packs and kegs. (Currently a keg owner wanting a six pack). All in all I guess you could say pursuit of a six pack is my new lifestyle, but that would be a different article huh.

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