Our first giveaway of 2014. And, well, ever.

Hello, giveaway! We here at The Good Foot Blog are super excited to announce our first ever giveaway.

To show our gratitude to all of our readers and fellow bloggers for the blog love they’ve shown us over the past few years — and to help keep everyone in the running/active community motivated — we are announcing our first giveaway of a Fitbit Ultra.

fitbit giveaway plum

Also…we just have this awesome Fitbit Ultra that’s been laying around untouched for a while, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to send it to a wonderful home where it can be used and abused! 🙂

I personally used this one toward the end of 2012, but only a few times. I just can’t do the whole pedometer thing. I feel like it’s crowding me. I’m weird. Don’t ask. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great little device.

If you’re into activity tracking gadgets, I think you’ll really like this one. It’s mostly web-based, so it’s super convenient! It tracks steps, “floors”, and calories. There is a sleep monitor on it, too. You can wear the Fitbit in this special bracelet while you sleep, and it will track your movement during the night so you can become super conscious that you may have sleep apnea, much like I did! But seriously, to see how often I was flailing about during ungodly hours of the night made me worry about my sleep quality. Awareness is key, right?

You can also sync the little guy up to your computer/mobile device and add activities, as well as food intake, weight, etc. I know some Fitbits sync with the Fitbit Aria wi-fi scale, but I’m not entirely sure if this one does. And it has a community, so you can add friends, set goals…the whole deal. For anyone who has done any research into the activity monitoring device boom that’s going on right now, you’ll know that Fitbit is a super reputable company that makes awesome products — this one not excluded!

This particular Fitbit Ultra is the plum color, and it comes with 2 sleeping bands, a USB sync cord, cord stand, and little belt clip to wear it on your belt, waistband, or…bra. Though, I’ve always thought the bra thing was weird. Has anyone else ever worn one of these things clipped on their bra? How is it, really?

So…how can YOU win this Fitbit Ultra? Well there are as few — or as many — ways to win as you’d like! Like most giveaways the more you do the higher your chances.

Once you do, give me a shout in the comments below to let me know.

Everyone is eligible! You get one entry per action per person. Winners will be drawn at random. And I’ll take a pic for verification! The giveaway will run through January 31, 2014. I will post who the winner is in a new blog post.

Happy giveaway, everyone!

32 thoughts on “Our first giveaway of 2014. And, well, ever.

  1. Oh wow! I have wanted a Fitbit for so long but it has never been in my budget.

    I tweeted, shared on Facebook, +1 shared on G+, followed The Good Foot on Twitter, liked The Good Foot on Facebook, and pinned one of your posts.

    Thank you again, good luck, health and fitness to all.

  2. Tweeted, following, liked on FB, pinned, G+’d. I need to get back to running!!! Need help getting going. 😛

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