I’ll Be Glad When The Boston Marathon is About Running Again

I’m worried about one thing when it comes to this year’s running of the Boston Marathon.

It’s not safety. I know that Boston will have that place on lock down.

It’s not the bystandards. Anyone stupid enough to attempt anything this year deserves what’s coming to them.

And it’s definitely not the weather.

It’s glorification. Sensationalism. Headlines and bylines that drive clicks that drive ad sales.

boston marathon finish line 2013If you searched “Boston Marathon” right now on the search engine of your choosing, chances are good that the search results are FULL of Boston Marathon Bombing-related items. All of the results contain the word “bombing.” Because that’s all people can associate it with right now. Because that’s all that’s being talked about surrounding the Boston Marathon.

None of it is about the 2014 Boston Marathon. None of it is about how there are cancer survivors, soldiers, new moms, amputees, the elderly, and others about to kick ass running this marathon. None of it is giving the credit to the workers who have put in long hours, missed family events, and have stressed about putting on a great marathon. Which is no small feat.

There are a plethora of GREAT stories happening right now with the 2014 Boston Marathon, but they are getting zero coverage because all the news outlets can talk about is the bombings.

The Today Show recently announced an anchor is running it. What does that do other than drive ratings and ad sales for NBC? Seriously. What?

Or the fact that the “Live Update of the Boston Bombing Situation” (which was largely discredited later on) was the #2 post on Reddit in 2013. But that has nothing to do with making money, right?

If brands or advertisers were directly buying ads or sponsored tweets about the marathon, people would be up in arms. News outlets are businesses, too.

You might as well forget that this year’s Boston Marathon is happening at all.

I don’t mean to sound like I don’t want to honor those lives lost, or any family or friends who were affected by the events last year. We obviously owe a great deal to the first responders and law enforcement who took the bad guys down, too. Yes. All of that gets the credit it deserves. No doubt.

I don’t know. Maybe the sensationalism is helping people heal. Maybe it’s good for Boston to get their name out that they are Boston Strong and can come back better than ever.


All I know is I’ll be excited when the Boston Marathon is about running again.

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