Happy blogging anniversary to me!

It’s The Good Foot’s two-year anniversary!

This time two years ago, I proposed the idea of a localized running blog to my Online Editor while working at The August Chronicle and voila! here we are. With a career move in between and resulting sporadic publishing, we’ve come a long way.

image by Hendrike

I thought this would be the perfect time to feature a couple of our favorite posts from blogging past. Do enjoy, and cheers to many, many more years of blogging about running in Georgia in our future!

May 2010: Secret running spot: The North Augusta Greeneway. This is our most popularly read blog post to date. Probably due to the fact that there is so little about the trail characteristics of the North Augusta Greeneway online. It’s also one of our favorite posts to date. It conjures up a bucket load of memories from daily runs on the trail and a very peaceful running experience. I hope to do more features like this in the future. I just haven’t remembered to take my camera out lately.

Also May 2010: Dare to bare? Barefoot running is the latest fad. This was definitely our most-commented-on blog post. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, we were unable to bring those comments over with us to the new blog, but the went a little like this: “blahblablah barefoot running is awesome.” “you’re wrong and dumb.” “barefoot runners are da bomb!” So, yeah, no love loss there.

April 2011: Running wild – what’s your running style? I just love this one because I think it exemplifies the simple spirit of running: freedom. Running should be fun, free, and easy. It should not be intense, over-thought, or taken seriously. And I absolutely adore the episode of Friends that shows Phoebe as a crazy runner, so I had to add the video.

I hope you’ve enjoyed something while perusing the blog. And if not, please comment! I’m always open to suggestions and feedback. Thanks for reading!

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