We go together like running and soccer

“Well my heart knows me better than i know myselfSo I’m gonna let it do all the talking” — KT Tunstall “Black Horse..”

What’s not to love about that lyric? Basically, it’s telling us to follow our hearts, something I’ve heard numerous times from my own mother. Her favorite bible verse is Proverbs 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

True indeed. And recently I’ve done just that. I started playing soccer, the sport that stole my heart, again. Yep. I registered in a weekend adult co-ed league. I won’t lie; this didn’t come out of nowhere. The Women’s World Cup totally got me jonesing for soccer — to play it, to watch it, to buy equipment. Everything. I had been looking for teams in the past, but that tournament really pushed me over the edge to start taking a more proactive approach. And voila! I found a great league and a team had an opening at Stars Athletic Club in Milton, GA.

Anyway, I’ve only played 2 games so far, but I really feel like I’ve been able to contribute, even not having played for 8-or-so years. I scored in the first game, had a couple of really pretty crosses, and even an assist. The second game was a total different story that involved 2 ball hogs and basically my touching the ball all of 4 or 5 times. Not too happy about that, but hey, it’s a team effort. So as long as they’re on the team, we’ll have to figure out a better way.

I forgot how much running and soccer went together. Think you’re in shape? Join a coed soccer team. My ass was officially kicked after the first game. Muscles I didn’t even know existed were sore. My feet hadn’t been in cleats in I don’t know how long and I paid for it. But soccer really made me aware of different ways I can better my physical capabilities. And it’s not just with upright running. Cross training, weight lifting, calisthenics, etc. They should all be incorporated into our routines. And,  best of all, they break up the monotony of running.

I plan to definitely incorporate soccer and running into this blog, because they are truly my two loves. Pictures, product reviews, random thoughts. You’ll see them all. It will be my running/soccer blog. So feel free to comment, and/or make suggestions about other blogs or what you’re experiencing if you’re taking part in both.

And because of this, I’m introducing a new category: Nike. No; not the over-priced, narrow-shoed athletic brand. Nike is the very popular greek goddess of victory.

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