A new Peachtree Road Race training method

By this time tomorrow, I will have completed my 7th Peachtree Road Race. I will have also hopefully showered, napped, and be preparing for a long day of celebrating our nation’s independence! Aside from that, I’ve got a number of emotions running through me today — anxiety being one of them.

I’m still getting over the virus I caught at the beach. A sore throat, slight cough, and congestion still plague me at some level. Wonderful. This has all been going on for about a week and a half now. So I’ve been using an interesting training method: rest.

I figured that my energy would be best used toward getting better rather than risking feeling worse by getting all worked up sweating, heaving breathing, etc. How will this all go down tomorrow? Who knows? I worked a little bit in the yard yesterday and was definitely sweating and all that stuff and felt totally fine afterward, so hopefully that’s a good indicator. I think it’s the heaving breathing I’m most worried about. I have had some shallow breathing and cough, and I’m worried about that having an impact. Nonetheless, I’ve got my iPod geared up, my tennis shoes cleaned, and four pins ready to attach my bib to my shirt. It’s going down. It may not be pretty, but it’s going to happen.

Best of luck to all of the other runners! God’s speed and good luck! I’ll see you at the park.


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