Anterior Shin Splints?!

So, as you know, I’ve been training in new shoes lately. Doing anywhere from 2-6 miles on any given day. In the past few weeks, I’ve really amped up my training schedule, running  5 days a week. In doing so, I’ve developed some hard core pain in the inside of my shins. It doesn’t feel like muscle pain that you have and then you start running and it warms up and goes away. No. This is serious pain, and even more so when I strike the pavement. Especially doing hills! I’m like “what the crap is this?!” I ice it when I get home and everything’s hunky dory again. It’s still sore when I wake up the next morning. Stairs are enemy #1.

I’m thinking that it has to be my new shoes. They’re a bit different in support from my old ones. They help support pronation, which I have been diagnosed as doing slightly. So I figured they’d be a good change from my last shoes, which had neutral support. Anyways, I figured that had to be the culprit so I decided to do some research tonight. Annnnd it sounds like I have here and here. Sweet. Days before my most anticipated 6-mile race. And the best remedy? Don’t run. HA!

Now I’m stuck with a problem. What to do? Missing the Peachtree is not. an. option. But neither is a stress fracture. I’m going to put the inserts from my old shoes and hope that helps. Should I just run with my old shoes? They’re crap, though. And I feel like that’d really mess things up further. Tomorrow was supposed to be a long training run for me, too, but I think it may be good to sit it out. Saturday too. Crap.

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