I got the Peachtree Road Race rejection blues

Hey, Peachtree Road Race corporate folks, want to know how to suck the excitement RIGHT out of the 2012 race for me? Yep. You got it. Deny my racing partner, aka boyfriend, of a number.

peachtree road race rejection


He entered at the same time I did – submitted a legit time for possible seeding, requested a mail-out number – did everything exactly the way I did. And got denied.

Remember that post I used to gush on about how amazing and inspiring and fun it is to be able to run with your significant other? Well that includes training, and even furthermore, training for a race that you love. Such is the case for the 2012 Peachtree Road race for me. Except for the part where my boyfriend didn’t make the cut.

Sorry, babe. We were not born to run. The Peachtree Road Race says so.

So, on our quest to find a black-market number we go. And with no help from the Atlanta Track Club. Their super sad excuse for a number exchange looks like a creepy gun-for-hire message board from 1994. Boards2go.com? And RED?! A million colors on the color wheel and you guys pick RED to lift folks’ spirits of finding a beloved number? Get a new web designer. That or stop making interns run your online communication campaigns. The least you could do was create a Facebook page (cough*socialnetwork*cough) to match people up. It would have looked better and been way more effective. I get you traditionalists, though. I do. Message boards are where it’s at in 2012. And I wouldn’t expect one of the most powerful, well-known organizations in one of the most high-tech cities to pass that opportunity up!

Go and check out the board. It tells a sad tale much like mine. Experienced, enthusiastic runners who got the cold shoulder this year. Not to mention…NO ONE IS GIVING AWAY NUMBERS on it. Glorious.

I’m sure you can’t tell, but this definitely puts a sour taste in my mouth. I mean this year has made me ask: how do they REALLY pick the runners? Is it all that random, or is there some discretionary, tainted, failed method of selecting a demographic that makes the race look good? Just wondering. If you have any idea, do share.

2 thoughts on “I got the Peachtree Road Race rejection blues

  1. Hi Amy. I wanted to address a few issues on your blog post. It’s unfortunate that your boyfriend didn’t get accepted. When you registered for the lottery, you could have registered as a group that would have put you both in or both out depending on the lottery (as opposed to registering individually). Also, if you become a member of the ATC, you would be guaranteed an entry into Peachtree. It’s one of the many perks of joining the ATC, among other things. Luckily, we still have charity entries available. Check out this page and see how you can help a local organization AND run in the Peachtree: http://peachtreeroadrace.org/event-information/charity-partners As a non-profit (not a corporation), we strive to continue to make the Peachtree a great event every year. It is clear that we succeed as so many people continue to come back each year, which is why we have the lottery set up. Thanks for participating this year and hopefully your boyfriend can find a number either through our charities or our official number transfer system.
    -Atlanta Track Club

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