Peachtree Road Race — the heart of the matter

I was a bit shocked to hear my sister describe a scene she walked past a week and a half ago in the Peachtree Road Race: a man lying on the ground, receiving CPR, a crowd gathered around him, and EMTs preparing a defibrillator to be placed on his chest. “Yikes. That sounds pretty scary,” I said, half-way blowing off what I thought could perhaps be an overdramatization. And then I saw 11Alive’s report tonight.

Indeed a man passed out in the 6th mile and suffered cardiac arrest. The first responders estimate his heart had quit beating for at least 15 seconds, until a Grady EMT began CPR and successfully revived him. My favorite part of the story? When he opened his eyes, he asked two questions: “Why are your hands on my chest?” and “Do I still get the t-shirt?” Now that’s a man with a plan. After quadruple bypass surgery and some slow recovery, he is feeling better. Thankfully!

Speaking of 11Alive, make sure you check out Dough Richard’s (owner of one of my favorite blogs, Live Apartment Fire) piece on his Peachtree Runner Cam. One man, 20+ pounds of equipment, and a live feed of the Peachtree Road Race. Sounds like a good time. I guess we’ll know next year if it was worth it or not.

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