Putting the ‘pro’ in pronation

Anterior shin splints: when the foot is pronated (the foot rolls outward at the ankle and you walk more on its inner aspect), the Tibialis Anterior Muscle twists within its sheath. This twisting of the muscle within its sheath can cause tiny tears in the muscle, or the muscle rubs abnormally against its sheath, and produces inflammation and pain.


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Holy mother is it painful! I blogged about this little big problem a while ago when I was training for the Peachtree Road Race. I ran the race in pain and took 2 and a half weeks off after the race. The shin splints cleared up and the pain was gone. I slowly and intermittently began running again — sometimes experiencing shin splints, sometimes not.

I kept those new shoes thinking it was possibly the fact that I was running on a new course, flat, albeit, but still new. I kept running. Experiencing shin splints. Run. Pain. Run. Pain. Then I had enough. I finally found a message board on the web from somewhere in the UK on which a guy was talking about experiencing the exact same thing with the exact same shoes. Except he paid the money to visit a podiatrist. I refuse. He got new shoes and it cleared up.

Turns out the shoes I got, the Mizuno Inspire, do not have the proper support for extreme overpronators such as myself. I mean, I knew I pronated — just not this much. Apparently I pronate so much so that if I don’t have shoes that correct my strike, I’m over-working my muscles to the point of injury. Wow. Never. Would. Have. Thought. After some research, I found I could really use the Mizuno Wave Nirvanas.

Long story short, I decided to take the shoes back to the Dick’s Sporting Goods to see if I could exchange for some new, and probably more-expensive, Mizunos. Afterall, they sold me shoes that I can no longer wear because they cause pain. Nope. They weren’t having it. Now I’ve got to contact Mizuno and, with no glimer of hope, explain my rather painful (in many ways) situaion.

See, this especially irks me because it’s freaking keeping me from running — my least-expensive, most-enjoyed, most-revered, longest-loved passion. I really tried to make those shoes work. Simply for the sake of being able to participate. And now I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve got to suffer — by not having a decent running shoe — until Mizuno decides my fate.

Well, I guess I could always do a couple’a short runs in my Frees. Ugh.

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