3 Food Superstitions The Week of the Peachtree Road Race

The more I thought about writing this post, the more I’ve realized that I am way more superstitious that I’d like to admit to.

Especially when it comes to sports.

Reflecting on my actions this week, I can definitely say that I have three major superstitions specifically regarding food the week of the Peachtree Road Race.

This being my 9th Peachtree, I think I’ve just started to do these things. It’s not like I sit down and look at a calendar and say “ah yes…7 days until…I should start x, y, and z.” They just sort of kick in. Like a little seasonal clock dedicated to the road race just starts ticking inside my body.

And I don’t know how they came to be. I think they’re all a combination of things I’ve heard before or advice I’ve been given, my own trials and error, and just me being a weirdo. Nonetheless, I do these three things relating to food/eating the week before the Peachtree Road Race.

drinking water before the peachtree road race1. I Drink water like I’m a camel.
I should incorporate more water into my diet anyway, but this week I make sure to drink up. Water with every meal. Water at my desk. Water in my car. I’m a water fiend this week. Also, a frequenter of the bathroom. But that’s ok. In 80-degree heat, factoring in humidity, surrounded by asphalt, hydration is #1. Though, it would be appropriate to mention right now that the port-a-potties at the race are disgusting. I’ve seen much nicer portable johns for large public events, and considering how many people are likely going to pee before the race, the event planners could possibly consider upgrading the potty options.

2. No beer the week before the Peachtree Road race.
It’s like I’m pregnant with my Peachtree Road Race performance and drinking beer would cause it to be disfigured and complicate the birth. Seriously, though. No beer. I can’t remember where this one came from, except for the fact that beer is typically very high-carb, high-sugar, and just all-around not a great fuel source for your body. So, naturally, that’s one of the things I cut out. Do I immediately grab a sixer on the way home for our nigh-of celebration? Yes. And I enjoy every drop. This year, I’m thinking of saluting America with a nice, local Monday Night Brewing Eye Patch Ale. Yummy!

And can I just ask…whose idea was it in my family to take our annual beach trip the last week in June every year? Not that I’m complaining, but getting up early to exercise at the beach has not always been the easiest thing to do. Along with not drinking beer. I’m pretty sure beach = beer. Thank god this year we left the beach just in time for me to enjoy a few.

(Note: this does not say “no alcohol”, but I may be willing to test that one year if the case is strong enough.)

3. Forget the carb-loading the night before.
It’s. Not. Proven. I once — a long time ago — would attend the Norcross fireworks every year, and we would eat at this Italian place and load up on carbs the night before. At best, it would just be a yummy meal. At worst, it had me feeling bloated on the course the next day, burping up garlic, and wanting to spew. No thank you.

Do I think these things help me perform better? Maybe, but there’s no scientific research behind them. Do they make me feel better about “preparing?” Yes! And feeling comfortable with my training always helps my confidence and is a big part of the tradition that is the biggest/best 10k race in the world.

Do you have any superstitions leading up to the Peachtree — food-related or not? Tell me about them in a comment below.

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