3 reasons to be excited for 2013’s Peachtree Road Race registration

The Peachtree Road Race is by far my favorite run of the year. But not because the course is challenging, or it’s warm, or the t-shirt. (All of which are still things I love, by the way)

It’s my favorite run because of everything else. The things they don’t talk during news coverage.

Because it brings the city together. It’s Americana in true form. And, much more importantly, it’s something I’ve enjoyed with my father for going on 9 years now.

peachtree road race

Posing during the 2012 Peachtree with two of my favorite men in the whole world — my dad and uncle.

He’s the reason I got into running the Peachtree in the first place. He’s run the race for like…ever. I think he has t-shirts dating back to 1975. I’m not sure if that means he ran some before then or not. But he’s missed very few runnings of the Peachtree Road Race, even coming home from deployment on leave just to run the race. And to be able to give the tradition to another generation, I think, has been a complete joy to him.

When I think of the Peachtree Road Race, of course I think of all of those things I mentioned in the beginning, but I will always think of my dad first. We’re the other’s running ying and yang. When he as a good Peachtree, I have a bad one. When he’s healthy, I’m ailing. The year I was finally able to run pill hill, he had to walk it. Combined, we are the ultimate Peachtree Road Race runner.

He has taught me so much about running and training through our Peachtree Road Race adventures. And I cannot wait to continue that this year. Registration for the 2013 Peachtree Road Race lottery opens this week. Friday, March 15 to be exact.

Are you planning on signing up for the lottery? Check out a few blog posts I wrote about the famous Atlanta road race last year.

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