Don’t cut off your laces

The Peachtree Road Race lottery is over. The runners have been selected, and the notifications have been sent out.

Did you get in to the world’s largest 10k?

Call it what you want — luck or good timing — but I got in. So did my Dad, sister, her husband, and his sister. The whole gang! I’m pretty excited about it. I think the whole idea of a “lottery” made me a bit nervous, and rightfully so. Apparently, some 2,000 runners were not as fortunate.

I’m not exactly sure that was the best way to do it. I understand the capacity and overall size thing, but I really do think that the Atlanta Track Club probably pissed off more runners in the process. I think they cut off their laces to spite their shoes.

So ok, you do the lottery and X number of folks in total enter. Presumably, about 2,000 more enter than you can hold. Only 2,000? Honestly, in the grand scheme of things, 2,000 is a pretty small crowd compared to 60,000. Come on; just let the people run. You just added 4,000. What’s 2,000 more?

I personally know of a least 3 semi-veteran runners (5 or more years) who were denied. Think about if you were in their shoes. “I’ve run this race so many times and attempt to come back and what do they do? They deny me!” Honestly, if that were me, I’d have to think really, really hard about attempting to run it again. I know they opened up a “appeal” stage for runners who could prove they had run 10+ years, but that sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. Ridiculous. What is this? Night court? Prove to me that you’re a worth-while organization and just let the 2,000 people run. Or at least have a more effective method of selection instead of this Monday-morning quarterbacking.

Anyway, since when was it a good philosophy to “choose” who pays you to run in your race? That’s not my kind of running.  Uncool, ATC, uncool.

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