Please, Peachtree?

So who’s got their Peacthree Road Race bibs already? Apparently, numbers will be arriving in a few weeks for those who requested them by mail. I, unfortunately, had to apply for a number. Long story short, the corporation I usually run for decided not to support a Peachtree RR team this year and failed to tell anyone until after the online registration was over. Ummm thanks.

So now I’m counting on luck to get a bib this year. My check was deposited by the ATC and had a number written on it, so i’m hopeful that’s a good sign! I know, I know. I could buy one from Craigslist or look through the classifieds to get one for sure. I’d just rather see if I was selected. If not…no biggie. I’ll still run. I’ll just have to hop in a little later down the course 😉

Really, all I’d be missing is the t-shirt! I could definitely do without the cheesy picture…

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