Reviewing Your 2013 Peachtree Road Race T-shirt Options

Ah the Peachtree Road Race t-shirt. A time-honored tradition.

Earned and worn by many. Discarded by some. I’m not sure WHO those people might be. But I’m sure they exist.

I’ve heard some runners say that they do it for the t-shirt. To me, it’s not the only reason to run the Peachtree, but

Without further adieu, here are the t-shirt candidates for 2013, and my commentary on their designs. Enjoy!

1. The Creative Cake

peachtree road race tshirt 2013 -- 1

This design reminds me of the blueberries-and-strawberries-create-a-flag cake you made with your mom on July 4th growing up. I like how the made the stars area to look like a peach, but, to me, it’s just another flag design. What else y’all got, AJC?

2. The Great Gatsbypeachtree road race tshirt 2013 -- 4

For some reason, I hear a big band in my head and smell cigarettes when I see this design. It doesn’t exactly scream “I ran 6 miles to earn this!” Not to mention that The Fox Theatre (which, I assume was the inspiration for this) has about 0 things to do with the race itself other than the fact that they’re located in the same city. But a great t-shirt for the “Fox Theatre Stair Run.”

3. Call me chaotic.

peachtree road race tshirt 2013 -- 5

So, if you see my post from last year’s race, the chaos being portrayed in this t-shirt is VERY appropriate for the starting line. But I’m not sure this is the persona the race organizers want to be known as. Plus, I feel like the people in the blue make it look like there’s a swim section. Which, about 3 miles in, sounds AWESOME. PRR…thoughts?

4. The Standard

peachtree road race tshirt 2013 -- 3

People who will like this design also buy $4 coffee, shop at Brooks Brothers, and wear loafers. It’s a little too clean of a race t-shirt for my taste. I’d feel obligated to wear pleated shorts or something with it.

5. Just peachy

peachtree road race tshirt 2013 -- 2

As you may have guessed, I saved my favorite for last. I loved this design! If you couldn’t tell from my blog, I love peaches. And I think the hand-drawn look and coloring are all really nice. I think this would be really nice on a grey shirt — kind of reminds me of last 2011’s shirt — my favorite so far! Which I recently stained, btw! So maybe I’m just hoping that shirt can live vicariously through this one. Either way — I hope it wins!

Thankfully, it’s not up to me. It’s up to US! So make sure you go to the AJC and cast your vote!

So tell me — which one is your favorite and why? Leave a comment below, or feel free to hit The Good Foot up on Facebook!

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