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The Peachtree Road Race is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing for me (other than training)…planning and logistics! Such a large, long run in such a large city does not mean that you can just drive down and park like any other small-town 5/10K you’ve run before. Also, the fact that The Peachtree Road Race is not a loop means that you will need to have a plan.

This post is mainly for newbies, as anyone who has run the race before knows that transportation/parking can be a logistical nightmare. But if it can be of use to anyone, this was a success.

And unless you live, or are staying, near the start or finish line, you’re really going to think about a few things. Heck, even if you’re staying at one of those, you still have to think about getting yourself to the other one.

A couple of things for people running the 2013 Peachtree Road Race to consider:

The Peachtree Road Race does not offer a shuttle service.
It’s the largest 10K in the country. You’ve got to fend for you.
How large is your group?
Do you want to travel together?
How quickly you think you’ll finish or, in general, leave the festivities?
Will your whole group finish around the same time? Roughly?

No matter what, the way I see it is you have 2 options.

1. The drop-off and the pick-up.

If you’ve got a friend or a relative who maybe just enjoys watching from the sideline, or doesn’t mind waiting on you, have them drop you off near the starting line. Or, at least, as close as you can get. Then, have them drive to the finish line to pick you up or meet up with you at Piedmont Park. In my opinion, this is the best option because it requires the least amount of waiting around, and, depending on how quickly you finish the race, you can sneak out of the city before traffic around the park piles up. It’s an economical choice. Only downside is that someone has to be willing to do you a favor.


peachtree road race transportation

Ahhhhh MARTA. I ride MARTA probably 3 times a year, and one of those is on July 4th. With MARTA, you have two options: you park near the start and ride MARTA back up to it from the finish. Or you park near the finish and ride it up to the start verrrrryyyy early.

In the past, we’ve always opted for the latter. One, because it’s usually not as crowded (though, it is VERY, VERY crowded.) And two, because you’re typically riding up to the start with people who aren’t sweaty/nasty/smelly yet from running 6 miles. Trains are usually on time and have not yet caused us to miss a wave start time. But depending on how early or late you start your transportation adventure, it could be very a very busy

ALSO….it all depends on the stations you use. So you know everyone and their mom is going to get on at Lindbergh Station. Turns out…other people are using MARTA on the morning of the Peachtree Road Race, too! Blek.

Based on where we park, we usually get on at the Arts Center and off at Lenox and make the trek up to the start. But it seems like with each stop, the train gets fuller and fuller, so the earlier you can be on it in the route, the better chance you have of getting a seat or just getting on period.

No matter how you decide to do it, I hope your Peachtree Road Race transportation is quick, easy, and helps you get to the race on time!

If I’ve given you some ideas, that’s GREAT. If not…please share with everyone reading this post what your secret is!

2 thoughts on “The Peachtree Road Race, transportation & you

  1. Hi Amy! Good general advice for anyone running the Peachtree. Last year I used the Lindbergh Marta Station and it was ridiculously crowded so I’m thinking about using the Arts Center Station or Midtown Station. What time did you get to the Marta station the morning of? I’m in Wave K, so won’t start until around 8:15ish, but I’m still trying to get a time in mind. Also, where did you park?

    • Hi, Erika. Thanks for the comment! And congrats on getting a bib this year! I definitely suggest Arts Center over Lindbergh. We park in the neighborhood between Piedmont and Peachtree, I think it’s called “The Prado.” We typically park on Inman Cir NE, then walk up to Arts Station. I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely a walk to get there. By the time we trek to the station, and then walk from the Buckhead station to the start line, I feel like we’ve already done a mile+. But I’d rather have that trek before the race than after. I think we usually get to to Arts Center around 7, giving ourselves roughly an hour to make it up to Buckhead. We haven’t been late yet, but we’ve certainly cut it close before. Sidenote: I was K last year, and if you read my post-PRR post from last year, they split the groups up really ridiculously, so I had to walk from Z up to K, which definitely added time onto my travel. Maybe just keep that in mind this year. Happy racing!

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