Tick tock. Tick tock.

The sound of the clock ticking is overshadowing my Peachtree Road Race training.

When did the race get LESS THAN A WEEK away?! Holy Moses!

Thank God I ran at the beach last week. Still, my route tonight kicked my bum big time. I’d rather have beach humidity over a hilly, suburban-Atlanta course any day!

How’s everyone else’s training going? Did you get caught up in the bib-number-pickup debacle? Yeah. I did too. Hopefully they get me my number by Thursday! Or else! Or else I’ll have to drive my butt down to the Mart on Friday and pick it up myself. A strongly worded e-mail would ensue, of course.

I found this ollllld school Gasparilla 15k pic of me and my Dad running and thought it’d be good luck if I posted it.

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