Will run for photo

If you’ve read any part of my blog before, you know how much I love race photos. Seriously. I love them.

So you can only imagine how disappointed I was when I realized that MarathonFoto found no pictures of me this year. 7 years I’ve been running this race, and it usually yields 3-6 pictures that my family shares with each other, laughs about, and even has purchased in the past. Not this year. And I honestly can’t figure out why. I had my bib property displayed and all that jazz during the photo stage. I guess I just got in front of the lame photographer that had a wedgie that moment. Perhaps the uptick in people meant they couldn’t capture as many? Was there anyone else who was photogenically excluded from the Peachtree?

Anyway, it sucks. And in desperation, I was browsing through the “unrecognizable” runners looking around when I found this beaut:

How cute is that?! I didn’t see any other images associate with this one, so I don’t know what the outcome was, but based on the look on her face, I’d like to think it was the desired one.  Presh 🙂

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