It’s the most wonderful holiday 10K in Georgia

I LOVE themed races. (Except when they involve zombies chasing you.) That’s why, when the holidays roll around — or high-speed-rails into my life in this year’s case — I get excited. Themed races…much less holiday themed races…make me go all Buddy The Elf. The costumes, the special yummy treats at the end, the pictures, and of course, the atmosphere! They’re all so much better than your run-of-the-mill traditional road race.

Jingle Jam 10KWhat better way to celebrate Christmas this year than to get out in the refreshingly freezing cold Georgia December air and run 6 miles with some friends or visiting family? The Jingle Jam 10K in Augusta on Dec. 1 sounds like it would provide you with just that.

The race route is actually in Evans, which is only a reindeer’s leap away from Augusta proper, and starts bright and early that Saturday morning at 8 a.m. Ending just in time to get some more shopping, baking, or visiting in before the day escapes you.

I’d also point out that this time of year is a great time to stop and reflect on what matters most in life. No, not presents or days off from work. Not even 10Ks or running. Really, it’s the people in your life. And it might even be the people you don’t know yet. Jingle Jam support SafeHomes, a not-for-profit that helps support domestic violence intervention and families struggling with at-home abuse. Think of the holiday season you’ll have. Now think of the holiday season some of the families that SafeHomes supports may have. Just the little bit of support you’re able to give to an organization that supports them would mean a world to those families during these next few months.

But not only does the Jingle Jam 10K in Augusta benefit a great cause and is good exercise for our healthy bodies, it’ll provide all of the right, motivating cheer to get your festiveness on. Need to blow off some steam from holiday shopping traffic or visiting in-laws? I can’t imagine a 10K wouldn’t help.

Register now before the lines close on Nov. 29 — two weeks from today! And if you register today, you can still get the personalized bib!

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you run a holiday themed race elsewhere? Comment below with pics! They’re the best part!

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