Who doesn’t love race photos?

Honestly. Who doesn’t love a good mid-race action shot?

The sweating. The look of pain and/or triumph. The memories. The feeling of pride. The energy. The crowd. The runner. The running.

A race photo always evokes an emotion for me — even if it’s of someone else. I recently saw a race photo that I fell in love with. It was from a sort of Interior Design blog, and was being used as an example of something someone uses as design inspiration. I’m not too sure about the interior design part of that, but it definitely inspired me. I don’t know this guy, and I don’t know about his relationship with running, but I know EXACTLY what he feels like. And I know what the people around him feel like.

It looks like the photo was taken from the Atlanta Komen Race for the Cure, which is a pretty popular 5K that drove in about 20,000 racers this past summer. This photo totally exemplifies the beauty of running to me in so many ways. I look at it and just love the scene going on behind him. And I want to believe that one of those women running giddily along gave him a nudge and a word of encouragement, or that he sees them pass by and is motivated by their enthusiasm and eventually passes them.

Chances are that neither of those happened. But I’m so confident that he finished. And hopefully is motivated to do another race. And add to his photo collection.

Photo by Karran Gloer of Karran Designs, taken from Design Sherpa.

What do you think? Are running photos inspirational to you or are they just goofy? Leave a comment!

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