A ramblin’ (wo)man

Yet another old post I’m just cataloging. This one is about a 10k road race held in Augusta every year. It’s a GREAT race with a relatively flat course. Very enjoyable. Much like this blog. Right? RIGHT?! 😉

Well, runners, the Broad Street Ramble has come and gone. How did everyone do? My time was not quite what I wanted it to be, but acceptable considering the circumstances. However, I did beat my last Peachtree Road Race time, which was exciting. That probably has something to do with the lack of hills on Broad Street. But we’ll just pretend it’s because I’m in better shape than I was two years ago. A huge “thanks!” to the volunteers and city employees who were out in the morning mist holding traffic and passing out water to the runners. We couldn’t have done it without you. Literally.

I do think it was a tad unfortunate that this year the Ramble was overshadowed by the Ironman. A good-sized group came out for the Ramble, but I can’t help but speculate that the Ironman kept a few of the more-intense runners from registering for the Ramble.

Did anyone participate in both the Ironman and the Ramble? If so, wow! That is all I have to say to those Ironman athletes – and true athletes those people are. I was thinking that during the days leading up to the, Augusta probably had the lowest collective resting heart rate in its city limits ever thanks to all of the super-fit athletes bunking up in our area. I also think it was important for this city to show the Ironman community that it is welcome here. Aaccording to some story comments, it seems we did just that. Though, I did hear one complaint from a participant that there was a lack of portable toilets on the bike route. If you didn’t make it downtown last Sunday, definitely check out some of the video our go-the-extra-mile staffer, Channing, shot. Also, take some time to check out Spotted photos from The Ramble and Half Ironman.

The two events sort-of made me more aware of Augusta’s place in learning curve when it comes to such events. I was flabbergasted by all the drivers who were either too close to runners and walkers in the next lane over, pulling out in front of them from side streets or speeding by them going way, way too fast. If I could ask the city one favor, it would be to please respect the participants in these events, educate yourself on the schedule, and plan ahead if these detours are going to be interrupting your busy life. Your attitude is potentially deadly.

Hopefully you’ve been lucky enough to take advantage of this weather lately. I can’t think of a time of year during which runs are more enjoyable than in Autumn. Unfortunately, this season is followed by my least favorite to be outside: Winter. Brrr. I hate the tightness in my lungs after gulping down freezing air from an outside run. So enjoy these mild temperatures, get your running shoes and get outside!

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