Baby we were born to run: Couples who run together last longer

Valentine’s Day is here. Wasn’t it just Christmas? Yikes. Who’s already run/successfully trained for their first long run, half, or marathon this year? Overachievers. Ok, ok. Put your hands down.

I’ve got another question. Have you ever thought about making your life partner your running partner as well?

I must confess something that many people may not be able to: I love running with my boo. He’s about a foot taller than me, which can make for some awkward striding on both of our parts, but I really enjoy it. We are both super competitive, so we challenge each other. We chat about our day. We make plans. We people watch. And, of course, it just feels good. Working up, cooling off, and recovering together feels like a complete experience we’re able to connect through. It’s been really therapeutic at times. Which makes me wonder if it’s like that for every couple.

A happy couple on our way to run a 5k on Hartsfield-Jackson Airport's newest runway.

Can running help your relationship? The Standard-Examiner says yes. In an article written this time last year, the Utah newspaper says that running together helps deepen commitment and can be a positive experience with the proper support and encouragement. If you’re a hard-love type of exercise partner, running (much less any type of workout) together should be avoided. A negative experience with this will only follow you home. And, as we’ve found, it can be a great opportunity for socialization. Instead of sitting on the couch watching the news, you have the opportunity to get out and isolate yourselves in a new environment. Forced creative conversation? Yes, please!

If you’re into reading more about couples who run together, check out The Running Couple, a super cute blog chronicling a couple and their “little runner’s” journey. They’re too precious.

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