Bend me, shape me

Amidst all of my shin splint troubles lately, I’ve really reconsidered my stretching routine pre- and post-run. I know for sure that I don’t do enough of it post-run, and I’ve always wavered on the amount I should do pre-run, having heard “do it” and “don’t it” from so many different sources. I usually do some mild, quick warm-up stretches and then a full-out stretch sesh after running.

What I’m really in the market for is a good shin stretch. I’ve been doing the one where you sit on your calvs and lean back. See here:

Image from

But that’s all I got. I stretch out my calves and all of that good stuff in my usual routine, but I’d like to incorporate more specifically for my shins. has a great video with some preventative exercises if you’re interested. I found them to be pretty helpful.

I’m not sure if a “stretching” expert exists, so I want to hear from all of you. Even if you aren’t necessarily running, what’s your favorite stretch? Least favorite? Do you stretch pre-run? Let me know! Maybe we can get a discussion going.

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