I’m a sole-ful runner

One thing that I’ve always loved about running is that it’s an individual sport. You hear of running teams/groups, etc. But running is probably one of the only sports that allows you to compete both individually and/or as a team.

Now, I don’t want this statement to come off as sounding arrogant or snobby, but running is really great because you don’t have to rely on anyone else to help you to do it. If I wanted, I could wake up every day and run by myself, and that’s a part of what makes it fabulous. It’s so intimate. The ownership is on you and only you if you succeed or fail. I actually find running easier by myself. I can pace myself out; I don’t feel bad if my pace is slower or faster than my running buddy. I don’t have to worry about how they’re feeling or if they are worrying about me. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes want a running partner. There’s a lot to be said about getting caught up in synchronized breathing, striding, and the creation of a exhausting symphony as you both pit-pat, hee-hoo down the road. No doubt about it. Truly a magical thing to be in a rhythm with another runner.

But I think I love running more when it’s just me and the road and a number in my head.

That totally makes me think of the super-cheesy ad pitch that Mel Gibson pulls in “What Women Want.” But it’s so true! What I do because I choose to do it must be simplistic when the time arises. And running is just that.

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