Product review: Bose in-ear headphones

I don’t know what running would be without music. The two go together like cold weather and cramps. Like bottles of water after a race and Porta-potties. Like Fall and college football. They just belong.

So when I set out for a good pair of headphones, I knew that quality and usability was at the top of my list. I got lucky and was gifted a pair of Bose in-ear headphones for my birthday one year, and I haven’t looked back. (Yes, I’ve tried other headphones, brands, fits, and brands, but this is the one I always come back to.)

The quality has been astounding. I was initially given the 1st generation version with solid black wires and ear buds that simply slid onto the ear pieces themselves. Later on, I decided to take advantage of their upgrade program and spent the $50 to buy up to their current version with black and white wiring and buds that click onto the ear pieces.

The only problem I’ve ever had it with the earbuds. Because they simply slid into my ear, they would frequently get tugged out or fall out when I’d work up a good sweat. I’d have to stop running, wipe them off, and shove them back in. Not fun. Thankfully, they’ve recently come out with buds that neatly tuck into the inner grooves (I’m sure there’s a more technical term, but I don’t know it and really don’t care to) of your ear. I love them. They don’t fall out. They’re comfortable. And, best of all, subtle. Way to go, Bose!

Bose headphones with new ear buds

The wires are long enough that I can run them through the back of my shirt and they don’t get caught on anything. And the nifty little case they come in help me organize them in my running back and keep them from getting tangled up for ease of use.

Potential con: Price. If you’re a music lover like me, you’ll realize the benefit of having great ear buds and have no problem forking over the Benjamin. If not, then you’ll deal with what you’re willing to spend.



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