Product review: Sweat Gutter

Don’t sweat your sweat. I searched for a sweat-dripping solution for a while, and the search ended when I found the Sweat Gutter.

It’s a simple concept: an elastic band that goes around your head at about mid-forehead and catches sweat before it drips any further.

I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to sweat buckets when I run distance. It’s not pretty. Nor is it fun. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting into a groove and having to stop to wipe your eyes on your shirt or stop to relieve the sting of the salty substance. I pursued a couple of solutions. Terry cloth headband? No — too thick. Hat? No — it just sops it up and makes me even hotter. Bandanna? No — never could tie it correctly. So I went with the Sweat Gutter.

It’s extremely lightweight, easy to pack or tote along (not always the case with a hat or visor), and effective. I’m not 100% convinced that sweat always makes it all the way to collect in the “gutter” portion of the band, but it definitely keeps it out of my eyes and diverts the sweat to an area I don’t much care about, behind my ears. Fabulous!

The one downside? It is NOT sexy. See below.

sweat gutter on a girl


If you can get around the dork factor, it’s totally worth it.

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