Runners, I need your help!

Okay, well you don’t have to be a runner to help. Just someone who sweats. And I think that includes most of us.

I’ll be running the Peachtree Road Race in about 3 days, and I need to find a good accessory. One that will keep sweat from flowing down my forehead and into my eyes as I sweat profusely in the Georgia sun. My logic so far:

Hat — I own a handful of actual baseball caps, most of which have some sort of sentimental value to me, so staining them with my nasty sweat is out of ze question.

Sweatband — I have yet to find one that doesn’t look like it’ll do more damage than good. I’m expecting any sweatband to get saturated rather quickly and fail me. Plus…hello!…dork factor!

Bandanna — this may be the winner as of now. I could find a cute/patriotic one, which would be a plus toward the dork factor! But I’m still worried about it only being somewhat effective.

This is where you people come in. I need suggestions! What do you wear? Don’t wear anything? What do you do?! The sleeve-to-face every 30 seconds is not an option. I need a solution. And preferably a stylish one. I’ll be wearing sunglasses, too, so I’ll have to consider that into the equation. Also…I have a limited amount of time to find this, so nothing fancy that I’d have to order over the internet or make, please!


2 thoughts on “Runners, I need your help!

  1. Does Peachtree have a huge expo? If so, I highly recommend you buy a Halo visor. It provides shade and definitely keeps out the sweat while also letting heat escape out the top of your head. I bought one years ago for a summer marathon and have worn it every year since.

    (And thanks for visiting and leaving a great comment.)

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