Photogenic runner?

So the Peachtree Road Race is over. It went off with a hitch! I thought the time groups went well. What did you think?

So everyone should have gotten their photos today. I love this part. It allows me to critique my run, and my capabilities to be a photogenic runner, which I am so NOT. Yuck. But to see how my foot is turned…yikes! Hopefully it was a result of me just slow down and that’s not how I strike normally. Sheesh. In the meantime, no news here. I’m taking a couple of weeks off to rest these shin splints. I hope to be walking toward the end of next week. Gotta start training again. I think my Dad and me finally decided to do the Gasparilla 15k in February, so that’ll be a fun goal. 9 miles!

What’s your post-Peachtree running plan?

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