Secret running spot: The North Augusta Greeneway

Alas, another post from this blog’s past life. But this is a trend I want to continue. I love finding new running spots. It’s…addicting! So when I lived in Augusta, I was constantly on the search, and I found the North Augusta Greeneway. It’s a perfect, paved greenway that stretches for miles and miles, but the best part is that it runs by the Savannah River. Ahhhhhhh relaxation. Check out the details!

It’s a free world. You can run wherever you want. And, as I’ve said before, that’s what I love about running: the simplicity. But what’s better than knowing there are certain spots on this great earth that are better than others? What’s even better is when you find out about a new spot and discover that yes, in fact, this is an awesome running spot and you become attached. This is why I’m starting the official running spot of the month feature on The Good Foot. It’ll be simple: Y’all will share a cool running spot in the area, and I’ll then go check it out and share it with the rest of the world. Since this is the inaugural running spot of the month, I get to pick. And right now I’m really loving the North Augusta Greeneway. So here’s the info on August’s running spot of the month. (Note: Yeah, I know August is virtually over, but I wanted to give y’all the chance to own September. So, don’t hold back!) Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, may I present…

Location: South Carolina’s riverfront. The mouth of the trail resides on Riverside Blvd in North Augusta, S.C.

Hours: Sunup to sundown

Fee: None

Terrain: Paved. This is probably why I love the Greeneway so much. The 7.5 miles of paved trail is perfect for those of us who love a smooth, bump-free distance run. And they keep it clean. On a run after the storm that blew through earlier in the month, I crossed paths with a N. Augusta golf cart clearing off the trail with a leaf blower. They keep it clean.

Route: You’ll begin in the front yard of North Augusta’s gorgeous new government complex, running adjacent to Brick Pond Park before you get to the trail. Beware of gators. They’re out there. You’ll get to see a good portion of North Augusta’s wonderful recreation facilities. First, you’ll cross paths with Riverview Park. Eventually you’ll end up going under the Riverview Activities Center. This is 1.4 miles from the Riverside Blvd. mouth. If you take a left turn after going over the Hammond’s Ferry bridge, you’ll be given a from-a-distance tour of the new multi-use development, all in the company of the Savannah River.

That trail will bring you back up to Brick Pond Park. It’s a nice little 1.6-mile loop. I love running it simply for the view. It’s the definition of serene, and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a nice, cool breeze off the river. If you travel past the activities center, you’ll pass over Martintown Rd. and end at Pisgah Rd – the other side of the 4.7 miles. This is an excellent map of the entire trail.

Extras: A huge bonus is, as you can see from the pictures, most of the trail is shaded! This is a huge deciding factor for me when I’m debating where to run in the middle of the day. And the trail isn’t all the Greeneway has to offer. It also cuts into an 18-hole disc golf course. And I’m curious about what looked to be a very mountain-bike friendly trail that runs over through a portion of the paved course.

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce you (unless you two have already met) to Someone has already been nice enough to map out a nice 8-mile loop involving the Greeneway.

Read about the history of the Greeneway

Visit The North Augusta Greeneway’s official site

Alright. There you have it: The North Augusta Greeneway. Perhaps I’ve left some details out or you feel as though we all should experience your favorite running spot. Well, you’re right! We should. So, people, quit hoarding all the great running spots and tell me about them already.

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