I put some new shoes on…

Behold! The latest addition to my family of Mizunos: the Wave Inspire 6. They replace my Wave Nirvana 5s. They’re not being replaced, really. I like to think of it as retirement. They may make an appearance in the yard or on the boat one day.

When I worked at a sports store, a lot of people would ask me for shoe suggestions, and I always got the ugly look when I pointed them to the $100 Mizunos on the wall. But, I would always say, I PROMISE you that they’re the best running shoe out there. Period. No doubt about it. No arguing. They’re the best. Oh what’s that? No. They’re not? Oh ok. What are you running in? New Balances? Nikes? BROOKS? I challenge you to simply TRY ON a pair of Mizunos. E-mail me and I’ll provide you with an address for you to send a thank-you card later ūüėČ

No but seriously. I’ve been running for a while — started track in middle school. These are by far the best brand I’ve ever encountered. I’ve got my boyfriend hooked. He got his Dad hooked and it’s all trickled down from there. Now I just need to work on my father who, for some reason, insists on running in cross trainers. Owey.

Anywho back to my new ones. I’ve only run in them a few times. I’ve had some stuff come up¬†unexpectedly¬†since I bought them. But they’re a definite change from my Nirvanas as they provide more support and have a different bottom structure. Can you say sore? Yeah. Glad I didn’t put these on for the first time on race day.

Pretty sexi, huh?

Well, I like them! And they make me wanna sing that song that goes “HEY! I put some new shoes on blah blah blah blah….” See below.

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