New new shoes!

I’m going to have to start calling this my Mizuno running blog, because that seems to be all I’m blogging about lately. BUT that only reflects how my running chi has been affected lately by my shoe choice.

If you read my last post, you know the severity of my pronation issues. Well…Mizuno actually agreed to trade my shoes out. Luck or just a valid issue? You decide. Honestly, it was a $100 purchase that I thought I’d totally just wasted, but thanks to Mizuno, I feel like what actually went down was way more valuable than any of that. Mizuno may have given a pair of shoes, but they gained me as a life-long customer. Not like I wasn’t pretty much sold already, but this act definitely solidified me forever. The way they’ve treated my situation shows that they really want their runners to be comfortable in their gear. By exchanging my ill-fitting Wave Nirvana 6 for the Wave Alchemy 10, I’m confident that my pronation problem will pan out. My last pair of Mizunos were Alchemy and I maxed those out. They’ve gone onto the play-shoes afterlife. Moral of the story? Do it right the first time. And if you don’t, at least be doing it wrong with the right company.

Without further ado, may I present my new new shoes. Here’s to finally being able to blog about running!

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