I’m a sole-ful runner

One thing that I've always loved about running is that it's an individual sport. You hear of running teams/groups, etc. But running is probably one of the only sports that allows you to compete both individually and/or as a team. Now, I don't want this statement to come off as sounding arrogant or snobby, but running is really great because you don't have to rely on anyone else to help you to do Read the entire post [...]

Is a musicless marathon fun?

And the beat goes on…or perhaps not. A recent marathon runner’s title was revoked for violating a new marathon rule: no electronics. Jennifer Goebel, 27, was handed the first-place spot after the official winner of the marathon, 23-year-old Cassie Peller, was disqualified for accepting water from a spectator during the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee. Apparently the rule was put in place for Read the entire post [...]