It’s the most wonderful holiday 10K in Georgia

I LOVE themed races. (Except when they involve zombies chasing you.) That's why, when the holidays roll around -- or high-speed-rails into my life in this year's case -- I get excited. Themed races...much less holiday themed races...make me go all Buddy The Elf. The costumes, the special yummy treats at the end, the pictures, and of course, the atmosphere! They're all so much better than your run-of-the-mill Read the entire post [...]

Back in the running shoes again

So I'm running my third 10k in 2012 tomorrow at the  Big Peach Sizzler! Have I been training? Yesss....Has it been as extensive/tough as it should be? No. But I'm ready. Obviously the Peachtree was great this year, and same goes for the Possum Trot. And I realized that when you train, you are training as much mentally as you are physically. And I think that doing other races throughout the year helps Read the entire post [...]

Shooting at the walls of muscle ache…I am the warrior.

So, Warrior Dash 2011 is officially over. And it was a total success. Everyone walked away safe and sound. That's not to say, though, that a few of us (ok, only me) weren't a tad bruised, scratched, and scrapped. I only have one thing to say: owwwweeee. I haven't had bruises like this on my legs since playing soccer as a teenager. Not to mention the raspberry that spans from my back thigh to my Read the entire post [...]

Running wild – what’s your running style?

Some of the best running advice I've ever gotten pertained to running "style." Specifically form. "Simply do what feels natural," said the guru. There is no right or wrong with where to hold your arms or how long to stride. Certainly, like most other things, there are fundamentals, such as not rolling your feet in or out, or not leaning back too far or not dragging your feet. But as far as "form" Read the entire post [...]

I’m a sole-ful runner

One thing that I've always loved about running is that it's an individual sport. You hear of running teams/groups, etc. But running is probably one of the only sports that allows you to compete both individually and/or as a team. Now, I don't want this statement to come off as sounding arrogant or snobby, but running is really great because you don't have to rely on anyone else to help you to do Read the entire post [...]

Bend me, shape me

Amidst all of my shin splint troubles lately, I've really reconsidered my stretching routine pre- and post-run. I know for sure that I don't do enough of it post-run, and I've always wavered on the amount I should do pre-run, having heard "do it" and "don't it" from so many different sources. I usually do some mild, quick warm-up stretches and then a full-out stretch sesh after running. What Read the entire post [...]

New new shoes!

I'm going to have to start calling this my Mizuno running blog, because that seems to be all I'm blogging about lately. BUT that only reflects how my running chi has been affected lately by my shoe choice. If you read my last post, you know the severity of my pronation issues. Well...Mizuno actually agreed to trade my shoes out. Luck or just a valid issue? You decide. Honestly, it was a $100 purchase Read the entire post [...]

Runners, I need your help!

Okay, well you don't have to be a runner to help. Just someone who sweats. And I think that includes most of us. I'll be running the Peachtree Road Race in about 3 days, and I need to find a good accessory. One that will keep sweat from flowing down my forehead and into my eyes as I sweat profusely in the Georgia sun. My logic so far: Hat -- I own a handful of actual baseball caps, most of which Read the entire post [...]

Please, Peachtree?

So who's got their Peacthree Road Race bibs already? Apparently, numbers will be arriving in a few weeks for those who requested them by mail. I, unfortunately, had to apply for a number. Long story short, the corporation I usually run for decided not to support a Peachtree RR team this year and failed to tell anyone until after the online registration was over. Ummm thanks. So now I'm counting on Read the entire post [...]