Product review: Sweat Gutter

Don't sweat your sweat. I searched for a sweat-dripping solution for a while, and the search ended when I found the Sweat Gutter. It's a simple concept: an elastic band that goes around your head at about mid-forehead and catches sweat before it drips any further. I don't know about you guys, but I tend to sweat buckets when I run distance. It's not pretty. Nor is it fun. There's nothing like Read the entire post [...]

Tick tock. Tick tock.

The sound of the clock ticking is overshadowing my Peachtree Road Race training. When did the race get LESS THAN A WEEK away?! Holy Moses! Thank God I ran at the beach last week. Still, my route tonight kicked my bum big time. I'd rather have beach humidity over a hilly, suburban-Atlanta course any day! How's everyone else's training going? Did you get caught up in the bib-number-pickup debacle? Read the entire post [...]

Please, Peachtree?

So who's got their Peacthree Road Race bibs already? Apparently, numbers will be arriving in a few weeks for those who requested them by mail. I, unfortunately, had to apply for a number. Long story short, the corporation I usually run for decided not to support a Peachtree RR team this year and failed to tell anyone until after the online registration was over. Ummm thanks. So now I'm counting on Read the entire post [...]

Get up on The Good Foot

Welcome to my running blog! I'm a 20-something from Georgia with a passion for running and writing, so I figured what better way to combine the two than with a running blog?! I started The Good Foot when I worked at my first job as an online producer with a newspaper in Augusta (hence the James Brown reference :). I'll be filling this blog up with a few posts from that, so look out for those! I'll Read the entire post [...]