Washed-out warrior

So I just decided to pull some of my warrior dash pictures. Hilarious. My favorite....   Mudtastic. I think at this point, I had a rasberry on my ass/thigh the size of a frisbee; my shins were screaming; my right bicep felt like it had been ripped in half; and I had mud in place you aren't supposed to have mud. I can't wait until next year! How did your WD pics turn out? Read the entire post [...]

Photogenic runner?

So the Peachtree Road Race is over. It went off with a hitch! I thought the time groups went well. What did you think? So everyone should have gotten their photos today. I love this part. It allows me to critique my run, and my capabilities to be a photogenic runner, which I am so NOT. Yuck. But to see how my foot is turned...yikes! Hopefully it was a result of me just slow down and that's not how Read the entire post [...]