Giveaway Announcement: Warrior Dash Georgia

Well, runners, winter is officially over, the weather is beginning to warm up, and the outdoors beckons the pitter-patter of our sneakers. That can only mean one thing....GIVEAWAYS!!! Well, maybe two things: giveaways and sweet races. The Good Foot is lucky to be able to bring you both! One of our favorite obstacle races has to be the Warrior Dash. If you haven't been a part of it before, Read the entire post [...]

Washed-out warrior

So I just decided to pull some of my warrior dash pictures. Hilarious. My favorite....   Mudtastic. I think at this point, I had a rasberry on my ass/thigh the size of a frisbee; my shins were screaming; my right bicep felt like it had been ripped in half; and I had mud in place you aren't supposed to have mud. I can't wait until next year! How did your WD pics turn out? Read the entire post [...]